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Crimson Peak Review (2015)


With Crimson Peak, Guillermo Del Toro has proven (to me, anyway) that when it comes to making horror movies, his wheelhouse is small. Don’t get me wrong; he makes very, very pretty movies. But they’re ultimately shallow affairs once you figure out what makes him tick as a filmmaker. His movies have become predictable. Ghosts, dark places, insects, sparse (but brutal) violence. Crimson Peak? Check, check, check, and check. There’s a lot to like, but some major issues drag down the experience as a whole. Continue reading

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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012)


The wait is over.  After years of production hell, fantasy lovers all across the world are finally able to return to Middle Earth with the first film of another planned trilogy, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.  But was it worth the wait?

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Brave (2012)

The studio responsible for some of the best and most beloved films in Disney’s long history bounces back from the misfire that was Cars 2 with a heart-warming mother/daughter story full of adventure and some of the most impressive animated visuals ever.  That being said, it still falls short in comparison to Pixar’s best work. Continue reading

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