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Everybody Wants Some!! Review (2016)

Everybody Wants Some poster

A shabby two-story home stands in the middle of a suburban Texas street. Step inside and you’ll find stained wallpaper, mismatched furniture that somebody probably found with a “FOR FREE” sign on it, and a ceiling that looks as if it could collapse at a moment’s notice. Empty cans of Lonestar and miscellaneous longneck bottles litter the living room, the porch, the lawn, the roof, the bathroom. Beautiful college girls in short shorts they wore the night before descend the porch steps and walk back to their dorms. Inside, the bros share stories of their sexual conquests and get ready to do the same thing again later that night.

No, I’m not describing the setting of another Van Wilder movie. This is Richard Linklater’s latest film Everybody Wants Some!!, yet another incredible success from one of the most gifted filmmakers of our generation. Continue reading

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Pitch Perfect 2 Review (2015)

pitchperfectposterThe pitches are back, and things are….well, pretty much the same as before.  Fat Amy is still fat, Beca acts like she’s too cool for school, and Lilly drops non sequiturs that make everybody uncomfortable.  This derivative sequel hits the same notes as the first film, but with more (sex/race)ism and less interesting musical arrangements. It’s, shall we say, a ca-uninspired. Continue reading

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Guardians of the Galaxy Review (2014)


Guardians of the Galaxy was a huge risk.  It’s adapted from a comic book that mainstream audiences are completely unfamiliar with, there’s relatively little star power in the cast, and two of the main characters are a talking tree and a sassy racoon.  In the wrong hands, it would have been so easy for this to flop with Marvel fans.  But despite all odds, Guardians of the Galaxy is the most fun summer blockbuster I’ve seen in a very long time.  This is without a doubt the best Marvel Studios movie so far.

Continue reading

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Matt Watches Scat #1: Playing For Keeps (2012)

Playing For Keeps poster

Rotten Tomatoes Critic’s Score: 4%

Audience Score: 42%

Welcome to the first installment of a new series called “Matt Watches Scat”, wherein I subject myself to absolute turds made for the lowest-common-denominator audience. There are only two criteria: it needs to be a movie I’ve never seen before, and it must have a Tomatometer score of less than 20%. Beyond that, I will watch any film, from any genre and any era. The honorary (if you can call it an honor) first film was chosen to keep fùtbol fever alive. While you were dreaming about drinking shitty German beer in a bar full of sweaty Americans pretending to be die-hard soccer fans (nice Messi jersey you bought two weeks ago, bro), I was balls deep into a bottle of $20 tequila and praying for God to intervene and smite me while watching the 2012 abortion of a romantic comedy, Playing For Keeps. Continue reading

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The Best Movies on Netflix Instant: 2014 Edition


Countless new titles come and go every month in Netflix’s massive on-demand library of movies and television shows. Due to the in-depth recommendation algorithm, it can be hard to find movies that don’t automatically populate in your queues. Because of this, there are hundreds of fantastic titles that fly under the radar. That’s where I come in. Here are some of the best films you can find on Netflix Instant right now that you may not already be familiar with.

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The Best Movies of 2013


Another year, another best-of list. Let me start by saying that 2013 was a truly remarkable year for movies. The films released in the past year are of such an astonishing caliber that making this list proved extremely difficult. Here’s an example to illustrate my point: Jeff Nichols’ film Mud. A fantastic film, one that probably would have been been in my top 5 if it saw a wide release the previous year. Instead, it doesn’t even crack my top 10. That’s a testament to the level of quality we saw this year. Now that I’ve set the stage, here are my definitive best films of 2013. Continue reading

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