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Inside Out Review (2015)


Pixar has created something truly special with Inside Out, the studio’s latest feature film and 15th in 20 years. For awhile there, it seemed as if their best work was behind them. But I could not be happier to say that is definitely not the case. Their most wildly original idea to date, it’s not just a great Pixar film. It’s one of the very best animated movies ever made. Continue reading

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Brave (2012)

The studio responsible for some of the best and most beloved films in Disney’s long history bounces back from the misfire that was Cars 2 with a heart-warming mother/daughter story full of adventure and some of the most impressive animated visuals ever.  That being said, it still falls short in comparison to Pixar’s best work. Continue reading

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POLL: Best Pixar Movie?

Ever since Toy Story changed the game back in 1995, Pixar has been consistently producing some of the best and most successful movies of the past seventeen years.  With the release of Pixar’s thirteenth feature-film Brave, now is as good a time as any to find out once and for all which Pixar movie reigns supreme.  Vote after the jump. Continue reading

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