Cinephile’s Digest Podcast Episode 20: Blade Runner 2049 and Gerald’s Game

The time has come (cum) for one of our most anticipated releases of the year: “Blade Runner 2049”. We’re joined on this episode by returning guests Paris and Jay to discuss the aforementioned film, as well as the latest Stephen King adaptation, Netflix’s “Gerald’s Game”. We get steadily more intoxicated on “bromosas” as the show goes on, and we also suck at talking into the mics when we’re sharing, so we apologize if it gets a bit quiet from time to time. This is our longest episode ever, so strap in and enjoy.

0:00 – Introductions
15:34 – “Blade Runner 2049” Spoiler-Free Review
47:20 – “Blade Runner 2049” Review Continued
1:14:35 – “Gerald’s Game” Spoiler-Free Review
1:31:36 – “Kingsman” Review Continued
1:52:02 – What We’ve Been Watching
2:39:04 – Rotten Tomatoes Game

Intro: Blade Runner 2049 Trailer Music
Outro: More Human Than Human – White Zombie

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